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Hair Problems

  • Hair fall, thinning and Baldness.

    • External causes like
      • Scalp diseases like dandruff, infections etc.
      • Improper grooming practices like long term traction/pull on the hair due to tight plaits/ buns, repeated hot blow-drying , colouring, bonding, straightening which cause chemical insults on the hair, drying and hair shaft breakage.
    • Internal causes like
      • Genetic pattern hair loss.
      • Nutritional deficiencies: protein , vitamins, essential elements, minerals etc.
      • Anaemia :Iron deficiency, Vitamin B12 , Folate deficiency.
      • Thyroid problem.
      • After stress of pregnancy, febrile illness, surgery.
      • Certain drugs, cancer.
  • Unwanted hair on face, underarms,arms and legs, other body areas : Laser hair removal.

  • Premature greying/white hair.

  • Scalp Infections & allergy.

  • Psoriasis.

  • Dandruff.

  • Alopecia Areata.

  • Genetic Pattern Hair Loss

      • Andro-genetic Alopecia : Thinning of hair and baldness on the scalp in genetically susceptible individuals, caused due to an excess of androgen hormones.
      • A common disorder afflicting on an average 50% of men and perhaps as many women older than 40 years.
      • The “androgen“ hormone leads to miniaturization of hair causing gradual and progressive hair loss in specific areas of the scalp like the frontal and temporal areas, the vertex and crown in males. In females the thinning starts in the hair partition area causing its widening and then on the top of the scalp.
      • Management involves empathetic consultation, a proper evaluation for the cause, pharmacotherapy, cosmetic aids like wigs and hair fibres and surgical hair restoration.

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